Our manufacturing secrets

Selection of the materials

Our citrus planters are manufactured in cast iron produced in the French region of Alsace and  panels in carefully selected oak tree, also of French provenance, naturally dried.

The panels are manufactured in red  “Chêne Rouvre” oak tree from the French Centre region, in a process respecting historical standards, from forests exclusively labeled “gestion durable”.

The oak tree wood has been through no chemical treatment. Between harvesting and manufacturing it goes through several phases, including drying in natural outside environment during several years, finished with about one month in a slow dryer, to prevent any cracking in the wood.

Manufacturing process

The cast iron parts are produced in a foundry in the Alsace French region, making the structure of the planters inalterable for up to 150 years.

Each part is finished and prepared manually before assembly by experts of the craft.

Protection against corrosion is obtained by a state of the art cataphoresis treatment.

The paint is a soft polyurethane sprayed in 3 layers on a polyurethane primary coating.