The Jardins du Roi Soleil brand

Garden furniture manufacturer and Château de Versailles supplier

As an exception garden furniture maker, JARDINS DU ROI SOLEIL  is the Château de Versailles official supplier. Our planters, urns and benches compliment countless public establishments and private estates in France and abroad.

Our unique and unmatched quality delights French style gardens lovers who value beauty, authenticity and timelessness. The world’s most renowned gardeners and landscapers choose our prestigious garden furniture to take care of nature and reveal its true beauty. We will go above and beyond for your garden. This includes sourcing the highest quality materials, partnering the most qualified craftsmen and women and giving the utmost importance to the aesthetics of our products.

La marque Jardins du Roi Soleil

Our entirely made in France range of exceptional garden furniture

The history of the Jardins du Roi Soleil (Sun King’s Gardens) may have started with the “Château de Versailles®” tree box, but nowadays extends over the whole sphere of garden furniture and garden ornament.
Classic designs of tree boxes, benches and urns from the gardens of Versailles have been produced and marketed under licence with the exclusive brand name of the Etablissement public du château de Versailles (château of Versailles Public Agency), giving all these products a guarantee of origin, authenticity and quality. The manufacture is entirely French.

This range is completed by contemporary models, designed in the tradition of a classic style and also produced in France following the highest craftsman standards, as well as various entirely custom-made projects.

But beyond this historical heritage that has survived the centuries, JARDINS DU ROI SOLEIL works with various partners to imagine French-style garden furniture for the 21st century. Thus, a collaboration is underway with ENSCI, the National School of Industrial Creation, whose students work on projects combining contemporary creation and French heritage.