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Château de Versailles gardens furniture supplier

JARDINS DU ROI SOLEIL  is proud to be one of the official Etablissement Public du Château de Versailles’ suppliers.

Jardins du Roi Soleil is the only one to manufacture and distribute the prestigious “Château de Versailles” garden furniture under exclusive license. The authenticity and traceability of your product is guaranteed thanks you two vanity plates mentioning “Château de Versailles” and “Jardins du Roi Soleil” as well as a unique engraved product number. Our unique signature, artisanal manufacturing and French heritage design make up for the constantly renewed success of our exceptional furniture with the world’s most talented landscapers and gardeners.

Bac à oranger du Château de Versailles par Jardins du Roi Soleil

Origin and traceability

Each planter bears the cast iron vintage of the year of its manufacture, accompanied by the JARDINS DU ROI SOLEIL® logo guaranteeing the authenticity of the product.

The excellence and reputation of the “Château de Versailles”® orange tree planter have led to numerous counterfeits manufactured industrially with lesser quality materials that do not have the exceptional characteristics of solidity and durability of the “Château de Versailles”® original planter.

Plaque bac oranger

The André Le Nôtre orange planter

The famous “Château de Versailles® » orange planter was adapted from André Le Nôtre 1670 wooden crates.

The 1500 orange planters that are used today by the Château de Versailles Orangery’s garderners are horticultural tools of great ingenuity. Close collaboration with the gardeners allowed to bring this model the technical improvements that all the owners of unique, often imitated but never equaled product.

Under the same exclusive license, we also developed oak wood benches inspired by the historical Château de Versailles ones and stone or bronze urns that decorate the lawn and paths of the Park.

This high-end product range is the only one in the world with the “Château de Versailles” trademark. The authenticity is guaranteed and acknowledged by the greatest garderners and landscapers of our times. It offers a unique signature to the most beautiful sites, parks and gardens.

Vase Jardins du Roi Soleil
Reflets Orangerie

Our commitment to the Etablissement public du Château de Versailles

We also sponsor the Établissement Public du Château de Versailles in the Park and the Trianons. We quite naturally commit to preserving this jewel of the French way of life, whose colours we are honored to carry around the world.

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