Jardins du Roi Soleil Vases

Château de Versailles garden vases

Emblematic of French gardens, our urns are entirely made in France under the exclusive Château de Versailles license. They are designed for gardens and outdoor spaces. They represent a certain French way of life, and seduce all lovers of beautiful, authentic and timeless objects.

Savonnières stone Medicis stone vase

The simple and classic urn model is carved in a solid Savonnières limestone. A slight iron oxide content gives the stone its characteristic blond colour, tinged with beige hues ranging from gray to pink.

Ballin bronze vases

Jardins du Roi Soleil is reediting deux bronze urn models that were initially designed by Claude Ballin in 1665. These Versailles gardens vases are reproduced in solid bronze with the utmost precision. They are in patinated bronze, molded in sand according to the purest French artisanal manufacturing tradition.