« Château de Versailles »© planter

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The “Château de Versailles” planter is available in 8 sizes and 12 colours.
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The oak and cast iron Versailles citrus planter

Our planters are entirely manufactured in France, designed after André Le Nôtre’s 17th century model, and produced under exclusive licence of the Château de Versailles. Jardins du Roi Soleil is the Château de Versailles Orangerie ‘s official supplier and offers all the gardens lovers this exclusive, authentic and timeless model  inspired by the French way of life. Made of a cataphoresis-treated cast-iron structure and French oak wood opening side-panels, this ingenious horticultural tool is aesthetic, durable and designed for the best care of plants.

La Caisse à oranger Château de Versailles en bois d’André Le Nôtre​


Our cast-iron and French oak wood “Château de Versailles” planters are available in eight sizes to fit your plants and adapt to their growth. Our most typical boxes are square and their internal width ranges from 500 to 1500 mm.

taille caisse à oranger


Lovers of the original and timeless planter will choose the “Versailles” green. However, 11 other optional colours – Almond, Pigeon, Ivory etc… are available.  To ensure a perfect colour match beween the planter’s cast-iron and oak wood, we developed an exclusive paint adapted to both materials. The structure and panels both receive a primer and two coats of paint



Different options are available for the customization of your planter:

Wheels for easier transportation in between seasons. adjustable feet for better stability on uneven ground. Personalised medal cast in the iron structure, custom painting…

Renovation set

For old planters whose wood would have suffered from a lack of maintenance and require replacement, Jardins du Roi Soleil offers Renovation sets 


Jardins du Roi Soleil knows how to design the right cast-iron and French oak wood planters for your trees. We will use our know-hows and creativity to find the ideal shape, dimensions, and options for your unique projects.

Château de Versailles © license

Château de Versailles garden furniture supplier

Jardins du Roi Soleil is the only one to manufacture and distribute the prestigious “Château de Versailles” garden furniture under the Château’s exclusive license. The authenticity and traceability of your product is guaranteed by cast medals engraved “Château de Versailles” and “Jardins du Roi Soleil” as well as a unique engraved production number.

Caisse à oranger du chateau de versailles

Manufacturing, packaging, delivery

The manufacturing, conditioning and packaging of the cast-iron and oak wood  original “Château de Versailles” planters are entirely realised in France. The planter is made of a completely removable cast-iron structure, assembled with highly resistant stainless-steel bolts. The cast-iron is cast in France in the best possible conditions as to ensure optimal technical and sanitary quality. The structure is cataphoresis-treated before receiving a primer and two coats of finishing paint.

The opening side panels are made of French Centre and Burgundy regions oak wood. They are shaped and painted in the workshop in the French Centre region. They are kept together by cast-iron fittings which are attached to the main structure with bi-chromated pins.

For European shipments, the orange planter is placed on a wooden pallet and packed in a cardboard box bearing marked “Jardins du Roi Soleil”. For all other shipments, the orange planter is placed on a wooden pallet and packed in a wooden box also marked “JRS”.

Fabrication, conditionnement, livraison​

Gardening techniques

A horticultural tool of great ingenuity

The “Château de Versailles” orange tree planters are horticultural tools of great ingenuity. The Château de Versailles’ gardeners great expertise allowed to introduce technical improvements to the products in order to provide the best care for all species of trees and shrubs.

The orange tree planter is originally mounted with neither a solid bottom or an internal tray (unless required in special cases). The recovery of the plants is thus favored by better drainage and good aeration of the soil mixture. It also is fitted with four easily removable side panels. These openings give direct access to the root ball for easy maintenance and to provide the necessary root care.

Un outil horticole d’une grande ingéniosité ​
Un outil horticole d’une grande ingéniosité ​

These removable panels are easily repainted and maintained, without removing the plants. Simply remove the panels in opposing pairs. An operation to be planned when wintering them.

Strict respect for these horticultural qualities, combined with unequaled aesthetics, continues to convince the greatest landscapers and gardeners around the world.

And to prolong the life of your planters, ask us for a complete renovation kit which includes 4 wooden panels painted in your colors, as well as the pins, the rafters of the case bottoms, the U protection of the wooden panels and a geotextile set of potting felt. We can also provide  any spare parts separately according to your specific needs.

Schéma technique caisse à oranger

"Château de Versailles"© wooden orange tree planters furnish the most beautiful gardens in France and around the world