Jardins du Roi Soleil manufactures, under an exclusive brand licence, the «Château de Versailles®» orange tree-boxes, patented garden boxes adapted from models created by landscape gardener André Le Nôtre for the Versailles palace in the 17th century.  These oak and cast-iron boxes are entirely hand-made in France.

Part of the excellence and luxury craftsmanship group Fort Royal since 2011, Jardins du Roi Soleil now offers a new range of items adapted from the Versailles garden furniture: solid oak benches - Marie-Antoinette®, Penthièvre® et Trianon® -, garden vases, Corten steel contemporary orange tree-box.


Our orange tree planters fit perfectly in your park, your garden or any other kind of outdoor area. Ideal to highlight your potted trees and plants.

Available in different colors and sizes.

Jardins du Roi Soleil also offers solid oak benches faithful to the original ones designed in the 17th and 18th centuries. These handmade wooden benches are available in different colors and sizes.

A vase is an essential piece of a garden or any exterior area. Our handmade vases will meet your best aesthetics and quality criteria.

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