Caisse à oranger en bois
Caisse à oranger lumineuse

The Château de Versailles® orange tree planter is the flagship of our range.

Directly adapted from the original model created by André Le Nôtre during the XVIIIth century, the planter features an iron cast structure and removable solid oak panels guarantying an unqualed lifetime.

This first-choice horticultural tool is available in 8 sizes and 12 standard colors but will also adapt to your bespoke projects.

The Alcine orange tree planter is the modern adaptation of our classic Château de Versailles® orange tree planter.

With glass panels and LED lightnig, the Alcine planter is fully customizable: the panels can be engraved with patterns of your choice and the lightning system provide any color you want.

When the planter is not lit, the phosphorescent surfacing spreads a soft and natural light. This planter is available in 6 sizes.

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